Aiken Elections Should Go Nonpartisan

elections1The five candidates at the forum for the city of Aiken’s upcoming election all agreed on at least one thing – support for nonpartisan elections in the city.The candidates for District 1, Beverly Clyburn and Eric Schmidt; District 3, Dick Dewar and Sam Erb; and mayor, Fred Cavanaugh, all agreed that they support the idea of municipal elections without party affiliation. The Aiken Standard has long boosted this concept which is in place in all but six cities and towns in South Carolina.

When it comes to the garbage being picked up on schedule, Republican or Democrat party affiliations don’t matter to residents, they merely want the job done. Party labels don’t really affect the level of local government service provided by City Council members.
Nonpartisan elections would open the field to more potential candidates, since independents who do not want to fight the power of political party machinery may be reluctant to offer for elected office in the current system.

Aiken Standard

I am very much in favor of this proposal. It’s already done in the vast majority of Carolina cities. Nonpartisan elections require voters to know who they are voting for, rather than only looking at their party label. It’s a doorway to better government.

South Carolina May Lose Millions on Film

Film Hunger GamesFilming for “The Last Full Measure” was scheduled to begin next month, but director Todd Robinson said he needs another $1 million from the state to meet a business plan he delivered to financiers.State Commerce Department spokeswoman Kara Borie said the original $5.4 million offer in incentives had expired. The state is still offering about $1 million less, one of its highest incentive packages to date, she said.

“We want to keep recruiting films in South Carolina,” she said. “It’s also very critical we do so reasonably, and we’re good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars.”

The Island Packet

I don’t think that handing over $5.4 million to Hollywood was good stewardship in the first place. I can’t imagine the state getting a return anywhere near the amount they put up. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I don’t imagine that many people heading to South Carolina for vacation because they saw it in a movie.

Carolina may have considered a bridge loan to finance the film.

Bridge loans, which are also termed as swing loans, can be described as a kind of short term loan which is taken out as a temporary measure until something permanent can be arranged. In other words, this is a type of financing loan which is meant to be used as a solution for the time being until one gets hold of a more permanent source of finance. Once the latter is secured, the money obtained from the same can be used for the purpose of repaying the former, i.e. the bridge loan.

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Information On The Eco-Friendly Document Management Software

file managementThe document management software is a great deal when it comes to transforming to a paperless office. This is because of the improvement in the technological world that allows business owners to incorporate electronic products in the running of their businesses. There are immense benefits that come with the use of the document management software. Not only does it benefit the business owner, its use makes the world a better place to live in.
The conventional way of filling includes the use of a lot of paperwork. Most times, important documents get mixed up in the unimportant files and this lead to disorganization in the office. With the introduction of the document management software, one can easily manage their office work. The document management software has been made affordable for both the small and big businesses. This is because it comes in different categories, which includes the standard, professional and the enterprise business management software.
Therefore, every business can get the software and start enjoying its benefits. One major benefit of using this software is that the business saves on money they would have used to employ workers to do manual filing. This means the business incurs low overhead costs, as you will need fewer employees while increasing the company’s productivity. Therefore, you get to enjoy more profits, meaning you can invest more money into your business, improving your standard of living.
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Guidelines On Choosing Wedding Rings

beautiful wedding ringsEngagement and wedding rings are typically worn for quite a number of years and for some people, they last a lifetime.  These rings are a symbol of the style, commitment and personality of the individuals who wear them.  It is important to choose a wedding ring that will be a reflection of the unique personality of both the bride and the groom as well as an expression of an unequivocal, undying love.  Below are some specific guidelines that can be used to select the perfect wedding rings:

Your Lifestyle Should Be a Consideration

If you earn a living through manual labor and use your hands a lot, the stone can become scuffed and other damage could be caused to the ring.  Choosing a hard stone or low setting could be ideal in this type of situation.

Decide on Separate or Matching Styles

There is no rule that states that a married couple has to coordinate their wedding rings.  Each individual can choose a style that suits their personality and personal taste.  However, many couples prefer to coordinate and get matching rings.  Have a discussion and decide which approach will be taken when choosing the rings.

Choose a Band Metal

Even though Platinum, white gold and yellow gold are the three most commonly used metals, there are shiny and beautiful wedding rings made out of silver, which can be a less expensive alternative.

Decide on a Stone

While diamonds are widely used for engagement and wedding rings, there is a number of other stones that can be used.  Look into the hardness and meaning of other stones.  There are lots of beautiful stones that are more budget friendly in comparison to diamonds.

Pick Out the Rings Together

A number of women have had an idea of what the want their wedding rings to look like long before they were actively planning a wedding; therefore, having a discussion can help to get the couple on the same page.  Once the general idea of what each person wants has been established, go to the store together or browse through a few catalogs and this will provide an idea of some of the brands that are available and the price ranges of the types of rings you prefer.

There is a wide variety of engagement and weddings rings available that will suit the personal taste, personality and budget of a couple.  Choose wisely and enjoy the rings for as long as they are worn.

Chester Schools Take Gun Violence Pledge

pledgeTwo local schools and one local police department will meet with join with the U.S. Attorney’s Office this week as part of a national campaign to obtain pledges against gun violence.

Middle and high school students will sign a voluntary pledge promising that they will never take a gun to school, will never resolve a dispute with a gun, and will use their influence to prevent friends from using guns to resolve disputes.

Chester News and Reporter

What the hell good is this going do? This reminds of those stupid “prom promises” they would always ask us to sign back in high school pledging that we wouldn’t drink on prom night, even though half the kids that signed it did it anyway. This is just a feel good measure that won’t accomplish anything in the long run.